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Celebrate the September Night Sky at Acadia National Park

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“If your idea of an excellent trip to a national park includes gazing at the starry skies overhead, consider making plans to visit Acadia National Park in September when the 2nd Annual Acadia Night Sky Festival is celebrated.

As more and more parks and communities turn their heads to the night skies, these events are becoming more commonplace across the National Park System. Among parks that are backdrops for similar festivals are Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, and Yosemite, just to name a very few.

The Acadia festival is set to get under way September 9th and continue right through until sunrise on September 13. Live music, poetry readings, art exhibits, and science-related programs are on the agenda, according to Bar Harbor officials.

There are opportunities for stargazing from different sites in the national park throughout the festival. Indoor and outdoor events are planned, but in case of rain, there will be a portable star lab on hand, according to festival organizers.”  Read more.


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