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To Deet or Not to Deet?

We head out for a time of hiking and camping; we admire the beautiful scenery, the fresh air, the views asking for a picture and… the dreaded mosquitoes and other biting insects. Everyone that goes into nature encounters these creatures and asks themselves that often asked question on what repels them most effectively? A very popular and controversial method is Deet. There are those who swear by deet and others that are afraid of it. Here are some blog posts with great information on deet, it’s pros and cons and some good alternatives for repelling insects.

Mosquito-Borne Disease and Climate Change: Should you use DEET

Mosquito and ticks carry a variety of infectious agents, including those that cause malaria, West Nile, Dengue Fever and Lyme disease. NRDC recently launched a new website with climate maps of the United States.

Publish Date: 08/10/2011 12:29

CDC Says Lemon Eucalyptus As Effective As DEET « mattermore

Another plus, lemon eucalyptus doesn’t have the oily feel and unpleasant smell of DEET products. Look for products that contain the active ingredient p-Menthane-3,8-diol, such as Cutter Lemon Eucalyptus Pump 4oz,

Publish Date: 05/02/2011 0:00

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Camp: Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon is a steep-sided gorge carved...

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One of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon is a breathtaking to behold. Why not take some time and camp in Grand Canyon National Park? Here are some blog posts to help you plan a camping trip to the Grand Canyon.

Camping In The Grand Canyon | The Secret To Success

For anyone who absolutely loves adventure, the idea of camping at the base of the Grand Canyon sounds like nothing short of a dream come true, but if you h.

Publish Date: 08/11/2011 22:29

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