Visit: Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef National Park
Image by Wolfgang Staudt via Flickr

Capitol Reef National Park gets its name from the white sandstone domes that look like capitol buildings. These beautiful domes are only one of many beautiful formations. Look through these articles for some information and pictures of this park.

Hiking Capitol Reef National Park: Navajo Knobs Trail |

Capitol Reef National Park is nestled comfortably in the Middle of Nowhere, south central Utah. For hikers and campers seeking a true desert experience, this location couldn’t be more perfect. As with all the National Parks, …

Publish Date: 06/07/2010 6:54

The 58 National Parks in the USA: Canyonlands and Capitol Reef

Capitol Reef National Park is situated in south-central Utah and the nearest city is Torrey. The park preserves 979 km² and is open all year long, although May through September are the most popular months because of the favorable …

Publish Date: 08/15/2010 16:17

Red Rocks At Last — Capitol Reef National Park, Utah, United States

Capitol Reef is one of the many National Parks in central Utah. Although it is a little remote, it is well worth the effort. Tonight we are staying in Torrey, Utah which is just outside the park entrance. It is a great little town for …

Publish Date: 07/19/2010 21:22


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