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Our National Parks: Little Known Benefits

Do you like visiting and camping in our beautiful National Parks? They provide many enjoyable attractions.

But, here are some benefits of our National Parks that you may not have thought about.

  1. They give us pride to know that we, the people of the United States, own them.
  2. Visiting them helps visitors be more conscious of preserving nature.
  3. Looking at the wonders of our parks, for instance, staring into the Grand Canyon, can make us feel humble.
  4. Such observation can also, paradoxically, make us feel bigger through a sense of connectedness with everything else.
  5. The parks help protect wildlife and preserve species, for example the bison and the wolves of Yellowstone.
  6. They inhibit unbridled development.
  7. They provide an encounter with nature that tends to  raise a healthy awareness of environmental issues.
  8. The national parks help preserve forests and meadows.

Next time you go camping in a National Park, remember some of these benefits.

by Richard Davidian

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Camping Tips: Insect Repellents the Work

This article presents a double-barreled approach to beating the biting  bugs in the great outdoors.

There are two good reasons for using insect repellent in the great outdoors: West Nile virus and Lyme disease. And here is a double-barreled approach to combatting the varmints that cause these diseases  . . .

Read about the complete insect repellent article here.


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Wildfires May Have Been Human Set

Investigators are searching for clues to the starting of the Station Fire in Los Angeles County. So far,  most evidence points strongly to the possibility of the fire being set by a human.

If this were true, it would not be a great surprise. Most Southern California wildfires are set by careless or sick humans. Lightning is so rare in this region that it is not often a factor.

Every year western states struggle with and spend billions on fire fighting and suppression. As with this year, during many seasons, property and lives are lost. Sometimes these lives are of fire fighters and sometimes of residents.

Already this year, and fire season has hardly begun, two fire fighters have lost their lives in the Station blaze.

Here is an article on recent Southern California blazes and the search for causes of the wildfires.


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