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California State Parks Closing

The budget crunch has come close to home for campers, hikers and backpackers. California will close many state parks due to budget cuts stemming from the economic meltdown.

Get the complete disturbing article on California state park closings here.


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Hand Sanitizer aka Fire Starter

Always take hand sanitizer with you to the wilderness.

Not only will it help you cut down on microscopic nasties, but it can also double as a fire starting aid.

Say what? Fire starting aid?

You heard me. It could help you get a fire started more quickly in the emergency situation that you want to avoid but must anticipate.

How does that work, anyway? Well you see, a major ingredient of hand sanitizer is alcohol, and we all know how well  alcohol burns.

Just spread it on your tinder and light it for a quick start to a life-saving emergency fire.


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Camping with a Dog

Our family is thinking about going camping sometime and taking our dog along. I have some questions for all you people out there who have experience with this, as I have NONE. 🙂

Read the complete camping story from the Seattle Post Inelligencer.

The questions are sincere, but also amusing. The answers from readers are helpful.


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Camping Honeymoon

My wife and I were dirt poor when we got married. But, we managed a six-week honeymoon by tenting the whole way. Well, we did stay with friends a few nights and one night in a motel. That was in Las Vegas where it was just too hot to camp.

Our marriage is going strong after 25 years, in spite of our tenting honeymoon, or maybe because of it.


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Man Drives over Tent and Family

 A 27-year-old man accidentally drove over his own family tent with his wife and kids inside. One child was critically injured. Read the tragic camping story . . .


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